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The Christmas is soon on your door and maybe you have also some interesting Christmas parties coming up? And you would like to be in a good shape and show everybody your amazing figure? Well, you are kind of hurry now. There is only 6-7 weeks until Christmas eve, but don’t worry, that time is still enough if you want to make some changes into your physics. But you need to start today! Hire a pro, turku personal trainer.

Here are some easy steps.

  1. Start lifting heavy! That is the most efficient way of getting muscle and sculpting your body. Add more muscle, the better you will look. So you need to touch some heavy weights in order to do that. Go to the gym and start with back squat, deadlift and bench press. Those three are the classics and will do wonders for you. Five set of five each, the weight should be challenging all the time. Make sure you have your mechanics correct before starting to lift heavy. Easiest way is to hire a personal trainer for one to two hours, he/she will check that you are lifting correct.pt_somewhere
  2. Lift fast with intervals. So use heavy weights and corporate those into some crueling interval training. That will burn fat like a beast. For example do back squat for one minute, then have a break for one minute. Then do deadlift for a minute and break. And last do bench press with same style. Do this for 5 rounds for example. You will gain muscle, strenght and burn fat like a grazy. This is the most efficient way of training.
  3. Enough protein. Check your body’s lean mass and multiply that by two. That is the protein need in grams. Use various protein sources like meat, fish, chicken, milk etc.
  4. Enough carbs for training. Eat just enough carbs that it will support your training regime. You don’t need carbs at your rest days. So eat plenty of carbs on those days when you are doing that heavy interval training. Carbs will be used as your primary fuel source and helps to push harder while training. Good sources are for example vegetables, berries, fruits and so on. Less sugar is always better.
  5. Eat also fat! Don’t forget the fat! You need that for basic body functions. Your brains are made of fat! So you need to eat that also. The fat will keep your hormones going on and helps to keep the metabolism running. It also helps to prevent hunger. You need to eat fat a little bit on every meal and you should always use healthy source like avocado, olive oil and coconut oil. Fish is also excellent source of fat.
  6. Drink water! Try to drink at least 3 litres of water every day. The water will help to keep EVERYTHING running in your body. That is one the most important part of training and eating, you need to drink water! No soda or juices, just plain water. That is the best one.

That’s it. Follow these 6 simple rules and you will get your body ready for Christmas season. You can fit in that new dress or keep that cool looking trousers on. There is plenty of time, you just need to start right now. So go to the gym and pick some heavy weights. Then clean your eating and have some healthy meals. With those two combined, you will transform your body very quickly to athlete. Good luck!

Training 101

When it comes to exercising for weight loss, you either go hard or go home – there’s no middle ground. As such, this article explores a few simple trainings that will see you lose weight within a short time. Continue reading this short training 101 manual to discover the TOP10 home-based workouts that will help you lose weight fast.


Push-ups are simple exercises undertaken by pushing your body up and down supported by the arms. While they may appear commonplace and simple, routine push-ups can help you burn a great deal of body fat within a surprisingly short time. However, you should make sure that your back is fully straight while doing push-ups to avoid developing a forward-leaning posture. Push ups are one of the most used tool with personal trainer turku.

push up


Bridge exercise is particularly helpful because it strengthens the entire abdominal region including the hamstrings and glutes. It is generally considered to be a rehab exercise because it stabilizes the spinal cord.

3. Leaps

Leaps, also popularly called skaters, are extremely essential exercises that help strengthen the legs. This workout not only boosts weight but is also great for improving both speed and grace for sports persons.

4. Plank Crawl

Plank crawling is a great fitness exercise that accelerates weight loss while toning your abs, back, as well as shoulders. For the best results, plank crawls ought to be done in a balanced manner that applies well-measured strain on the upper and lower body at the same time.

5. Squats

Squats are one of the best ways of exercising your buttocks and legs while achieving quick weight loss results. This full-body workout involves the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Squats should however be repeated a couple of times in order to realize the desired results within a reasonable duration.

6. Walking Lunges

Walking lunges are high intensity exercises that help strengthen your thighs and hips. Nevertheless, some weight loss experts advise individuals doing walking lunges to hold a pair of dumbbells so as to achieve the best results within a given time.

7. Single Leg Balance

This simple-looking yet immensely beneficial exercise helps burn fat while boosting your leg power. Nonetheless, this exercise ought to be repeated numerous times so as to realize the desired results.

8.Superman Back Extension

Superman back extension is a great workout for strengthening the muscles around the gluteus and lower back. This is however one of the demanding workouts that may call for external superintendence. As such, you may consider hiring a personal trainer to help you with these tricky back extensions.

9. Bird Dog

To strengthen and stabilize the lower back, you may opt to try a few bird dogs moves every day. This routine works on the hips, butt, and abs. Again, just like many of the other moves discussed above, bird dogs should be repeated a couple of times so as to attain the targeted fitness goals.

10. Side Plank Hip Drops

If you are looking for the best exercise to build core strength, then side planks are the way to go. This excellent exercise targets your arms, back, and legs. It not only helps burn fat but also readjusts your body to the ideal posture.


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Fitness Training: 6 Weeks to Get a Fit Body

Generally when many of us think of getting a fit and perfect body the very first thoughts that strikes our minds is heavy and intense workout, hectic diet, physical excretion and a strict routine to follow. Practically saying this myth in our mind is wrong, for attaining optimum healthy and fit body you need not do intense workout daily or exhaust your body by the end of the day. As everything needs time to change, so does our body. The human body also needs to gradually prepare itself for a particular lifestyle from which you can get a healthy and fit body as well as lifestyle. So let’s see how we can change our physical state in upcoming 6 weeks.

6 weeks to attain a fit body:

Week 1: Preparation and Anti oxidizing of the body

belly-2354_640 (1)The very first week, you need to start with cleaning and preparation of the body, for a new and healthier lifestyle. The years old toxic and harmful radicals which slowly degrade your body from the inside need to be removed for getting a fit and healthier lifestyle. When we start this routine, it should be followed every day so our body becomes free of the toxic acids which harm our body.

Week 2: Getting habitual for a Balanced diet

When your body is fully clean from inside, its efficiency will automatically increase in every aspect. So will the digestive power of the body will increase. It is the perfect time for one to go for the balanced diet as now the body will also support your will. All the food you eat will be digested properly giving out proper amount of energy to complete the daily routine work. When you become habitual of this your body will always be a power house to compete any of the physical and mental hindrance.

Week 3: Opt for a Daily Workout or Exercise which is comfortable for you to do daily

You now need to utilize the stored energy of the body to cut short the strengthening process of the body and slowly getting start to give shape and fitness to the body. One can always choose a simple exercise that you can work on daily basis. The four basic and effective exercises that one can opt from are:

  • Yoga

  • Walking

  • Cycling

  • Swimming

Week 4: Make up a pre-decided Daily Routine to be followed

For the systematic and functional effects of these 3 weeks you need to set up daily routine that you can easily follow. Your daily routine must have a systematic time to perform every activity with comfort. The routine can be:

  1. Going to bed early with a full sleep to get perfect rest for the body.

  2. Getting up early so that your day starts perfectly.

  3. Having a medium breakfast.

  4. The main meal of the day should be lunch as at this time the liver works at its best.

  5. Relax your body after the sun goes down.

  6. Have a normal light dinner.

  7. Sleep at least an hour after the dinners so that majority of the food gets digested before sleeping.

Week 5: Get your mind focused and steady

To get your mind focused and de-stressed you need to devote a part of time from your daily schedule to any activity that makes you feel relaxed such as listening to music, playing outdoor games or anything. This may differ for ever person. To need to take command over a few things:

  1. Be always positive.

  2. De-stress your mind.

  3. Meditate to gain focus.

  4. Being goal oriented.

Week 6: Taking it to the Next Level

As you have mastered over your body now you need to think further. You need to set specific goals or plans for the upcoming times. You need to follow all these steps and imply them in your daily life. Set a goal for a year and always be curious about your future.