Christmas 2016

Are you commencing to look for that ideal Christmas present for the children but find the whole process a lttle bit overwhelming. There are loads of toys available to choose from and you prefer to keep it a surprise so you can’t simply ask what they want. Well, listed below are some options, mainly Christmas toys for boys 2016. This information offers you a quick depiction of what the toy is and how it functions. Hopefully this can make your errand of finding a perfect gift easier and you will find suosituimmat joululahjat more easily.


Obviously it is a bit of a generalization saying that one toy is for boys and another is for girls. These forms of stereotypes aren’t as applicable today as they used to be in days gone by. So many of these toys could be popular with girls too.

One instance of this is handheld remote control toys. Kids like everything remote control. It is kind of like driving a motor vehicle or flying a airplane before you are allowed to do it in real life which can be somewhat of a thrill to boys and girls alike.

Two RC toys which are thought to be trendy this Christmas 2016 are the Wild Fire RC monster truck as well as the Airhogs pocket copter. The good news with these toys is that they’re not that expensive either.

The Wild Fire remote controlled monster truck is a green pickup type truck with huge monster wheels. This makes it terrific for going over all types of obstacles. The remote device provides the operator full control of forward, backward and side to side movement up to around twenty meters. This is certainly ample distance and your boys will like to put the monster truck through it’s paces.

The Airhogs Pocket Copter is a remote controlled helicopter. Additionally it is pocket sized which means it is reasonably inexpensive. An even bigger scale remote controlled helicopter would cost some huge cash by comparison. The pocket copter can be utilized in the house or outside.

It is probably best in the house. Once more, like the monster truck, you’ve got full control of this copter. You control up, down, forwards and left and right. It is also surprisingly quiet so you will not upset the whole residence every time you want to do a tad of flying.

The pocket copter also offers a pocket sized storage box so that you could take the gadget places – like your mates residence or such like. It is the tiniest Remote controlled helicopter presently made by Airhogs and is kind of like the entrance level RC helicopter toy.

These 2 items would make first-rate toys for boys this Christmas 2016. What is more they will not shatter the budget. More on suosituimmat joululahjat you can find from Lasten Synttärit.