Gerd story

Let’s talk about gerd. This is a client’s story.

“I have had stomach issues as long as I can remember. My symptoms are varied: I have heartburn, chest pain, cramps in my lower stomach, pain in the stomach, feeling of pressure, belching and gas. When I finally went to see a doctor about it I was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). The doctor prescribed me Somac 40 mg that decreases the amount of acid in the stomach and should give relief from the symptoms. The doctor told me that I should take the medicine at least for two months but that it would be possible that I would need the medicine for the rest of my life or at least I would have to take them always if the symptoms got worse.


I started to take the drug but I didn’t like the idea of taking drugs regularly for the rest of my life. The doctor had also told me that I should pay attention to what I eat, that some foods and drinks can irritate my stomach, and that losing weight might also help. I started to Google around the internet learning more about my condition and what could help. Finally I stumbled on Ruokatauko’s web page. On Ruokatauko’s web page was a lot of information about nutrition, stomach issues and even an own page for GERD or refluksi ruokavalio in Finnish. The references on the page convinced me and I contacted Ruokatauko’s nutritionist and asked for an appointment.

My first appointment with the nutritionist was very interesting and I thought he was very thorough. He had told me to keep a diet journal before our appointment, so with that in hand I went to see him. He interviewed me about my symptoms, diet and what prescription drugs I had used, among other things. I was very happy when he told me that it is totally possible to get rid of the drugs for good and that in his opinion diet plays a key role in treating GERD.

The diet change wasn’t easy. At first I thought that I can’t eat anything anymore ever. But the nutritionist reminded me that it was just the first step when I needed to get my stomach and my gut in better shape and heal. I had A LOT of supplements to help me with that! What surprised me most was that he told me to use HCL (betaine hydrochloride) every time I eat. It was surprising because the doctor had prescribed me a drug that would decrease the amount of acid in my stomach and now I should take more acid. Who knew. I found it also very helpful that I got ready recipes at the beginning and the nutritionist accompanied me to the store once so I could find all the new things I needed.

I started to feel a lot better maybe after a month or so and I got better and better as time passed. The diet change and the healing of my stomach and intestines were what helped me most. Sometimes I still get GERD symptoms but they aren’t nearly as bad as they were and I now know what to do about them. A big thank you to Ruokatauko!”

If you are suffering from gerd or heart burn, go get some help! You don’t need to fight alone.

– Mr Ruler