Get ready for summer!

We are getting ready for summer. That means wer are checking out what we are eating and how we are doing our exercises! Let’s talk about nutrition first!

Do you want to get fit also for the summer season? If you do, we might have some good advice for you. The food what you eat, is the most important thing what you can think about. It is far more important than exercising. 75% is all about nutrition and 25% is exercise! So you are what you eat! You might have heard that slogan before and it is true!

What you should be eating? That depends on your goals for the summer. We guess you want to look good right? That means usually losing fat and tone those muscles. How to lose fat? That is the question, which internet is full of. There is lot of different stories how to do that. For us, the best way was to start using strict diet plan like for example Zone-diet. It will give you good tools to measure correct amount of proteins, carbs and fat. Only thing what you need to figure out is your lean body mass. The easiest way is to hit local InBody-company and book a check-up with them. You will get the result in few minutes on black and white.

After you have your body’s lean mass, you use something called ”daily activity multiplier”. That tells if you are a person who does a job at the desk 24/7 or if you are a person who trains everyday. You can read more about Zone on their website. If you want to lose weight for the summer, you just use Zone-counters online and check how many blocks you need to eat for that goal. Simple as that! For food quality, you can use just basic stuff what Zone recommends or if you want to be like us, then you hit Paleo!

Well, what about exercise?


For that we would recommend that you hit something short and fast. Something like which has intervals inside. Like push the car around the parking lot hard and fast, just like us! That way you will keep your muscles, tone them up and lose only fat! That is what we want. We want to melt the fat away and define our muscles. Then you will look good at the summer without a t-shirt. So keep the workouts really short, heavy and fast! That is the best way and fastest!

The easiest way to do these, is to hire a professinal trainer. Then you don’t have to ”think” anything, you just follow the program and enjoy the results. We would hire the best around, we would hire a best personal trainer Turku, like we always do and recommend. They are located in Turku Finland and offer the best solution!

Talk you soon again!

** Mr. Ruler

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